Political Impression Management Through Direct and Mediated Communication: The 2014/2015 Croatian Presidential Elections

Maja Šimunjak, Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Ružica Brečić


This paper examines similarities and differences between direct
and mediated political candidates' communication during
electoral campaigns, and answers the question: How, if at all,
do candidates' techniques of impression management differ in
their direct and mediated communication. The study is based
on content analysis of major daily newspapers, and statements
published by candidates in the 2014/2015 Croatian
presidential elections on their official Facebook and Twitter
accounts. The results show that candidates did not use social
media to portray their personal side, humanise their image
and create their image of a leader through references to their
skills and qualities. Rather, this research shows that in spite of
the growing importance of social media, and the willingness
and skill of the politicians in employing social media,
traditional media, such as newspapers, remain indispensable
for providing information about political issues to citizens in
this new democracy during presidential elections.


social media; traditional media; image; election campaign; presidential elections

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