Quality of Working Life among 50+ Employees across the EU: A Double Jeopardy for Croatian Older Workers

Zvonimir Galić, Maja Parmač Kovačić, Maja Vehovec


One of the most pressing concerns in the EU nowadays
seems to be the impact of ageing population on the
economy. In Croatia the problem is even more pronounced
considering that a significant proportion of workforce leaves
the labor market before the legal retirement age. One of
potential reasons for early retirement might be the quality of
working life (QWL) among older employees. Aim of our
study was to explore QWL among older Croatian workers by
comparing them to younger Croatian workers and their EU
peers. Using the data from the 6th European Working
Conditions Survey conducted during 2015 on over 30 000
participants, we compared the QWL of Croatian workers
older than 50 with younger workers and their peers from
well-established market economies of Western Europe and
transitional Central and Eastern European countries.
Research showed that older workers in Croatia perceive their
QWL lower than younger Croatian workers and their peers
from other EU countries (especially economic security and
autonomy in work). We believe that these findings are, at
least partially, the reason for their early retirement.


older workers; quality of working life; job quality; job satisfaction; Croatia; EU

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