Relationship Satisfaction in Homosexual and Heterosexual Couples: A Dyadic Model

Nina Brkić-Jovanović, Milica Lazić, Ivan Jerković, Ivana Mihić, Bojana Perić-Prkosovački


Rooted in Huston's (2000) model of adjustment in romantic
relationships, the present study examined differences in
individual and relationship characteristics and the predictive
value of those characteristics for relationship satisfaction,
regarding four groups of participants, based on gender and
sexual orientation. The sample included a total of 100
heterosexual couples and 50 male and female homosexual
couples each. Of the individual characteristics, need for
affect achieves significant both actor and partner effects on
relationship satisfaction in all subsamples, except for
heterosexual women. A personal expression of love achieves
both actor and partner effects on relationship satisfaction for
heterosexual and homosexual men. The partner's expression
of love (actor effect) on relationship satisfaction was
registered in all groups, except for homosexual men. The
present study offers the possibility of integrating knowledge
of the differences between heterosexual and homosexual
couples in the context of the model of adjustment in romantic


romantic relationship satisfaction; sexual orientation; individual differences; relationship characteristics; dyadic model

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