Academic Cheating: The Role of Motivational and Contextual Factors

Vanja Putarek , Nina Pavlin-Bernardić , Barbara Bunoza


The aim of this study was to examine the relationships
between motivational beliefs (achievement goals, self-efficacy, self-efficacy in self-regulated learning), as well as
contextual factors, and academic cheating in midterm and
final exams at technical faculties of the University of Zagreb.
The participants were 398 students enrolled in all five years
of the study. Data were collected by the Achievement Goals
Scale, the Self-Efficacy Scale, the Self-Efficacy for Self-
-Regulated Learning Scale, the Contextual Reasons for
Cheating on Exams Scale, and the Academic Cheating
Scale. The results demonstrated that, compared to lower-
-year students, higher-year students had higher self-efficacy
and self-efficacy in self-regulated learning, but lower
performance-avoidance and work-avoidance goals. There
were no differences in other motivational beliefs, frequency
of academic cheating and reliance on contextual factors.
Frequency of academic cheating was positively related to
work-avoidance goals and contextual factors, and it was
negatively related to average grade in previous academic
year, self-efficacy in self-regulated learning, and mastery-
-approach goals. The analysis of incremental validity of
contextual factors revealed that they explained 28.6% of the
variance of academic cheating above and beyond
motivational beliefs. Moreover, the results showed a greater
independent contribution of contextual factors in explaining
academic cheating compared to the contribution of
motivational beliefs.


academic cheating; contextual factors; motivational beliefs; students of technical studies

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