The Role of Perceived Justice, External Prestige and Organizational Identification in Explaining Employee Engagement

Luka Zlatić, Zoran Sušanj, Ana Jakopec


This paper examines the relationship between perceived
organizational justice, external prestige, organizational
identification and work engagement. Data were collected by
questionnaire, using a convenient sampling method. The
results of structural equation modeling show that employees
are more likely to identify with the organization if they
perceive it as fair and prestigious, and are therefore more
engaged at work. Perceived organizational justice and
external prestige shape positive experiences of the
organization and meet the employee’s need for the
development of a positive self-image, thus leading to
identification of the individuals with the organization and,
indirectly, to a greater employee engagement. In addition to
the theoretical contribution, this study's findings can also be
used in organizational development interventions planning.


organizational justice; perceived external prestige; organizational identification; work engagement

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