Conceptual Model for Exploring the Factors which Impact Reaching the Voice of Customers

Marina Obradović, Dušan Bogićević, Maja Glogovac, Milica Maričić


Since the voice of the customer (VoC) could be of core
importance for an organisation's success, it is of high
significance to identify the motivating and demotivating
factors that influence the customers' intention to provide or
not to provide feedback on service quality. This study aims to
observe how awareness on the issue of providing feedback,
personal beliefs on the impact of feedback, expectations
from the company, and organisational culture impact the
customers' decision to leave feedback. To explore the
influence of the chosen factors an online survey was
conducted and the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
analysis was employed. The results show that awareness and
organisational culture have a positive impact on the
customers' decision to provide feedback, while the
expectations from the company have a negative impact on
such customer behaviour. The presented conceptual model
might provide novel viewpoints into the factors which impact
customers' behaviour regarding their decisions to provide
feedback and initiate further studies on the topic of VoC.


the voice of the customer; customer involvement; customer feedback; service quality; conceptual model; SEM analysis

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