Socio-Demographic Insights: A Five Country Study on Students' Drinking Behaviour

Chris Pentz, Ronel du Preez, Martin Kidd, Benjamin Lategan, Mirna Leko Šimić, Marisa Ferreira, Ana Borges, Maurice Murphy, Marija Čutura


This study is a pioneering endeavour, in which researchers from
five different countries collaborated to provide more insights into
the drinking behaviour of university students, a group of consumers
characterised by frequent and often dangerous drinking
behaviour. A total of 1704 students were included in this study
that investigated various socio-demographic variables and
drinking habits. The results showed students in certain countries
(Ireland, South Africa and Bosnia and Herzegovina engaged in
hazardous drinking, while students in other countries (Croatia
and Portugal), displayed safer alcohol drinking behaviour. In
addition, male respondents in general consumed significantly
more alcohol than female students. This study enriches the
literature on international alcohol consumption behaviour
among university students, and the results can be used by policy
makers to address the issue of alcohol abuse that is frequently
associated with this cohort of consumers.


drinking behaviour; university students; cross-countries analysis; socio-demographic variables

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