Electrodermal Responses and Assessments of Jealousy During Preovulatory and Menstrual Phase of Cycle

Nataša Šimić, Andrea Tucaković, Irena Pavela


Previous studies have shown higher jealousy in women's reaction to partner's emotional, compared to sexual infidelity. Differences in jealousy over two infidelity types might change during the menstrual cycle. According to the evolutionary hypothesis, a greater jealousy over partner's emotional infidelity was expected in the preovulatory phase when conception is possible and greater jealousy over sexual infidelity in the menstrual phase. Following this, the aim of the study was to investigate the differences in electrodermal reactions (EDR) and assessments of jealousy over partner's emotional and sexual infidelity during the menstrual and preovulatory phase. A group of 26 female participants with a regular menstrual cycle took part in the study during the 13th and the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle. EDR were registered in the control situation and in situations of imagining two infidelity types. Participants also assessed the intensity of jealousy on a five-point scale. General activation and EDR were higher in the preovulatory phase. No differences in EDR between imagining the partner's sexual and emotional infidelity were obtained. Emotional jealousy was estimated higher during the preovulatory phase, while sexual jealousy was higher during the menstrual phase.


jealousy; sex hormones; the menstrual cycle

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