Role of Brand Personality Traits in Creating an Umbrella Brand for Small-Scale Sports Events: The Case of Gorski Kotar, Croatia

Marko Perić, Ana Čuić Tanković, Jelena Đurkin


While the importance and positive impact of small-scale sports
events for the tourism of host regions has been well researched,
the possibilities of branding such events under a common
denominator have not been fully explored. This paper attempts to
provide an approach for using the concepts of brand personality
and umbrella brand for the purpose of small-scale sports event
analysis and promotion recommendations. Gorski Kotar, an
underdeveloped region in Croatia, was chosen as the research
area. The research target was small-scale sports events organised
in this area. The aim was to build a general recommendation
of an overall umbrella brand for all examined events,
developed from the brand personality traits of each event (sub-brands).
Using desk research along with workshops and interviews
with organisers, three characteristics for each of the 81
small-scale sports events were extracted. The existing framework
of five brand-personality dimensions by Aaker (1997) was used
for the purpose of coding characteristics into traits and later linking
with factors. An overall brand personality profile of all events
was created and results imply the necessity of introducing a new
factor called Nature (nature-oriented) into the existing framework.


brand personality; umbrella brand; small-scale sports events; tourism

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