Anxiety among Students: The Role of Perfectionism, Intolerance of Uncertainty, Rumination and Mindfulness

Severina Mamić, Marina Nekić


Due to an increase in prevalence of psychological disorders
among students, the aim of this study was to explore the
degree to which individual differences in the levels of anxiety
can be explained by perfectionism, intolerance of uncertainty,
rumination and mindfulness and to explore the differences in
the levels of the aforementioned constructs considering the
level of mindfulness. The results on 317 college students
aged 21 have shown that the chosen constructs explain
31,5 % of the variance in the anxiety symptoms. In other
words, those students who have ruminative thought style
and are not mindful have higher levels of anxiety. Furthermore,
the highest levels in all measured constructs were
present among students low on mindfulness. This study
significantly contributes to the understanding of relatively
lesser known constructs and has many practical implications.


anxiety; negative perfectionism; ruminative thought style; intolerance of uncertainty; mindfulness

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