Mediating Role of Emotional Regulation between Parental Behavior and Adjustment of Early Adolescents

Ivana Macuka, Sanja Smojver-Ažić, Irena Burić


The aim of this study was to examine the relationships between parental behavior of both parents, and emotional regulation and internalizing and externalizing problems of young adolescents. Specifically, the mediating role of emotional regulation in relation between parental behavior and adjustment of young adolescents, were tested. The study was conducted on a sample of 261 subjects (139 girls and 122 boys), average age of 13 years. Using path analysis, direct and indirect effects (via emotional regulation) of parental behavior on internalizing and externalizing problems were examined. The results indicate that emotional regulation fully mediated the associations between internalizing problems and children's perceptions of maternal acceptance, paternal rejection and control. Furthermore, emotional regulation partially mediated the relationship between internalizing problems and paternal acceptance. Children's perceptions of maternal control and paternal acceptance had direct effects on internalizing problems, and externalizing problems were directly related to perception of maternal control and acceptance, as well as paternal acceptance.


emotional regulation; internalizing and externalizing problems; parental behavior; early adolescence

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