Castilla-La Mancha Cities' Competitiveness in Intellectual Capital as Compared to Other Spanish Cities

Domingo Nevado Peña, José Luis Alfaro Navarro, Víctor Raúl López Ruiz


Intellectual capital plays a central role in smart cities. The
aim of this paper is to apply the recently developed model
based on intellectual capital to measure and manage cities'
competitiveness. This model is applied to cities in Castilla-La
Mancha and another 19 Spanish cities, enabling a
comparative analysis between these cities. To this end, the
study presents a synthetic indicator that allows us to rank
Spanish cities based on available information and propose a
comprehensive management strategy that addresses both
tangible and intangible competitiveness. From the results, it
can be concluded that the cities of Castilla-La Mancha
feature excellent human capacities and a good quality of life
but that there is room for improvement in terms of city
infrastructure and planning.


Based-knowledge city; intellectual capital; index; intangible; model

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