Thematic issues

The journal Drustvena istrazivanja (Journal of general social issues) occasionally publishes special/thematic issues. The aim of thematic issues is enabling new insights into theoretical and empirical research knowledge of the contemporary, socially and scientifically relevant topic, bringing together collections of papers on a particular theme.

The Editorial Board invite proposals for collections of related articles to be considered for publication as a special thematic issue of the journal (between 4 and 7 articles).


Proposals should include:

1. A description of the theme and how it fits within the aims and scope of Drustvena istrazivanja; (Abstracts of up to 500 words on the proposed topic, its scientific and social relevance, with shortdescription of aspects which will be covered in planed issue).

2. A list of papers by tentative title, author/s, content and approach (number of published manuscripts can be from four to seven)

3. Information about planned authors (name, institution) and the planned number of their manuscripts (one person cannot be author or co-author on more than two papers)

4. Information on the guest editor (name, institution, contact)

5. A possible date of submission of all planned manuscripts.

Inquiries and proposals should be submitted to the editorial office at

Editor in chief may request revision or amendment proposals based on comments and suggestions received from the Editorial Board. Final decision on Thematic Issue proposal will be made by the Editor in chief based on received comments from Editorial board.

All manuscripts received for the thematic issue are subject to the usual procedure of double anonymous review. An invitation to submit a paper to a special/thematic issue does not imply automatic acceptance for publication. Some submissions will likely be rejected.


The responsibilities of the Guest editor are:

- to invites authors for collaboration, contact them and encourages the timely submission of manuscripts

- communicating to prospective contributors that being invited to submit a paper is not a guarantee of its publication

- ensuing that the manuscripts have not been published elsewhere

- to prepare editorial in which he/she explains the importance and purpose of the thematic issue

- Guest Editor, or their nominee(s), may prepare a Review article as the lead article of the series

- Guest editor can be (co) author of one or two manuscripts (depending on total number of manuscripts (4-7)

- Guest editor in agreement with the Editorial Board may propose reviewers of manuscripts, while final editorial decisions on all Thematic Issue submissions will be made by the Editor in Chief.


All manuscripts for thematic issue should be submitted to the Editorial Board at least seven months before the planed date of publishing.


AUTHOR Guidelines can be found here: