Subject of Neoliberal Self-Governing: A Contribution to an Anthropology of Curricular Reform

Atila Lukić, Gordan Maslov


Avoiding the conventional and mutually dependent claims on
the necessity of education reform and the controversy
concerning the political prerequisites of its implementation,
our work will focus on analyzing the text of the reform itself.
By analyzing parts of the reform with special emphasis on
the draft of the national curriculum of interdisciplinary
themes (NCIT), our goal is to call attention to discourses on
the individual, risk, choice and responsibility which establish
a certain anthropological model. In other words, the
question we ask is: what kind of individual is the education
system supposed to "produce" according to this draft? What
is their motivation, their relation to their environment, what are their goals and behavioral patterns? Relying on the work
of the French philosopher Michel Foucault, in addition to
providing a criticism of the curricular reform, we will also
propose an analysis of the current issue of neoliberalism as
a program that aims at redefining the individual towards a
uniform model of the entrepreneur.


Foucault, neoliberalism, curricular reform, entrepreneurship, risk, governmentality

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