Women's Attachment Style and Dyadic Adjustment: The Mediator Role of Perceived Efficacy in Solving Marital Conflicts

Jelena Šakotić-Kurbalija , Dragan Kurbalija, Biljana Trifunović, Beata Grabovac


In this study, we examined perceived efficacy in solving marital
conflicts as a mediator between adult attachment style and
dyadic adjustment, while controlling for the effects of duration of
marriage. A total of 1921 married women participated in the
research. The results suggest that women with high attachment
avoidance are more likely to perceive themselves as inefficient in
marital conflict resolution and maladjusted to the dyadic relationship, compared to women with high attachment anxiety. Furthermore, the results suggest that perceived efficacy in solving marital conflicts mediates the effects of insecure attachment styles
on dyadic adjustment. Finally, there is evidence for a reciprocal
causation between efficacy expectations and dyadic adjustment.


attachment; dyadic adjustment; marital conflict; quality of marriage; mediation

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