Uncertain Demographic Future of Croatia – Dying Out and Substitution or Revitalization of Population...?



The main objective and purpose of this study is to confirm the impossibility of revitalization without a serious, responsible and focused population policy, to assess the potential for revitalization (which still exists, despite many negative aspects of the Croatian demographic situation) and to place the issue of demographics within the foundations of the development and survival of contemporary Croatia. All analyses have confirmed a significant negative trend in all parameters and the impossibility of stopping negative processes without a serious intervention of the State, through stimulative population policy and the participation of Croatian immigration in economic, political and revitalization processes in the country. The methodological approach within the framework of standard demographic norms is focused exclusively on basic content, processes and relationships so as to project through these factors the dramatic state Croatia is currently in. Knowledge on spatial norms developed in space by the population has been applied in particular, taking into consideration the situation on state and regional levels. The most important result of the analysis is that Croatia, despite longtime negative trends in all demographic processes, still carries demographic potential on a national level, particularly in the diaspora and has the ability, through incentives population policy, to stop the dying out and quick aging of the general population and initiate the process of its revitalization, with the aim of economic development and the development of the country's future.


natural decrease; depopulation; aging; dying out; revitalisation

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