Personality Traits and Social Factors as Determinants of Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption among Adolescents

Barbara Kalebić Maglica, Tamara Martinac Dorčić


The aim of the present study was to explore the role of dispositional and social factors in the frequency of alcohol and cigarette consumption among adolescents measured at two time points, two years apart (T1 and T2). The contribution of the "Big Five" personality traits, perception of alcohol and cigarette consumption in parents and friends as well as perception of parents' and friends' reaction to alcohol and cigarette consumption (at T1 and T2) was examined on a sample of 126 high-school students (mean age 15). The results indicated that a positive reaction received from friends was connected with the frequency of alcohol and cigarette consumption at both time points. The parental role (as a model for consumption) was important only for risky health behavior at T1. Personality traits are significant for alcohol consumption at both measurement points and for cigarette consumption only at T2. The findings are discussed in terms of the importance of parents and friends as models for alcohol and cigarette consumption. The results can help in the identification of individuals who have personality traits related with a higher risk for harmful health behaviors.


adolescents; nicotine and alcohol consumption; personality traits; friends; parents

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