Friendship Maintenance Strategies and Satisfaction in Same-Sex Friendships – Actor-Partner Effects

Aleksandra Huic, Ivana Smolčić


The aim of this study was to examine the role friendship maintenance strategies play in satisfaction with same-sex friendships, with a particular interest in actor and partner effects of friendship maintenance strategies and whether these differ in male and female same-sex friendships. The study involved 196 pairs of friends 19-30 years old, both male/male and female/female pairs. The results revealed significant actor effects for all three dimensions of friendship maintenance strategies, such that both men and women who show more affection, show less antagonism and interact with friends more, are more satisfied with their friendships. No partner effects were significant for male same-sex friendships. In female same-sex friendships we found a significant partner effect for expressing affection – women with more affectionate female friends are more satisfied with their friendships. The results are discussed in the context of gender and cultural differences in friendship maintenance strategies.


friendship maintenance strategies; friendship satisfaction; same-sex friendships; actor-partner interdependence model; emerging adulthood

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