Use of Daily News Portals, Some Individual Features, and Acceptance of Populism among Students of the University of Zagreb

Mateja Plenković


The purpose of the paper is to fulfil the findings on populism
in the context of Croatian society, with an emphasis on the
acceptance of populism among young people as bearers of
the future social development. Media, as a form of public
opinion, are among the most important sources of relevant
insights for the study of the rise of populism. The paper pays
special attention to the relationship between the use of daily
news portals, and the acceptance of populism. The study was
conducted on a two-stage non-probabilistic sample of 1189
students of the University of Zagreb, in order to determine
the relationships between students' preferences in general,
left-wing and right-wing populism, their habits of using daily
news portals, and some individual characteristics. The results
show that there is a low but significant correlation between
the use of most portals, and the preference for general, left-
-wing and right-wing populism among students. The
correlation between the education of parents with student
preferences of left-wing and right-wing populism was found,
as well as differences in these preferences with respect to
some sociodemographic characteristics, level of study, study
orientation, political orientation, religiosity and trust in


populism; students; daily news portals

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