Internationalisation in Scholarly Publishing in Croatia through the Lens of Bibliometric Overview of the Journal Društvena Istraživanja

Marina Dabić , Jadranka Švarc, Božidar Vlačić, Jasminka Lažnjak


The goal of this research is to shed additional light on the
internationalisation of scholarly publishing in Croatia through
research based on the bibliometric analysis of the journal
Društvena Istraživanja (DI). The first part of this research is
dedicated to bibliometric analysis of DI since its conception in
1992, while the second part discusses the internationalisation of
scientific journals in Croatia, relying on the critical analysis of
relevant literature and the bibliometric characteristics of DI. The
results of this research call into question the relevance of the
existing scientific publishing policy to contribute to quality
research papers and their internationalisation. The research
provides implications for both editorial and publishing policies,
as well as science policies in general.


Društvena Istraživanja; scientific publishing; Croatia; bibliometric overview; internationalisation

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