Economic Adjustment and Life Satisfaction of Men and Women: The Role of Social Support

Lana Batinić, Ivana Vrselja, Dragan Glavaš


The aim of the study was to explore whether social support
plays a moderator and / or mediator role in relation to two
indicators of difficult economic adjustment (loss of financial
independence and loss of lifestyle) and life satisfaction of
men and women. Data were collected at two measurement
points during 2016, on a convenient sample of 180 women
and 164 men. In the first point, two indicators of economic
adjustment were measured by self-report, while in the
second point, perceived social support, as well as life
satisfaction were measured. Data were analyzed with several
moderation and mediation analyses. The results showed the
non-significance of the tested moderational effects of social
support on the relationship between both indicators of
economic adjustment and life satisfaction on both sexes,
while mediational analysis showed the significance of only
one tested mediation effect, on a sample of women. More
specifically, a pronounced loss of lifestyle has been shown to
lead to less social support, which ultimately leads to lower
life satisfaction. The results were interpreted with regard to
economic adjustment as a source of stress, and existing
hypotheses of the role of social support in the context of
well-being of the individual, i.e. life satisfaction.


economic adjustment; social support; life satisfaction

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