Subjective Well-Being of Spouses during the Transition to Parenthood

Ina Reić Ercegovac, Zvjezdan Penezić


Parenting is one of the most important experiences of individuals which brings changes in all aspects of life. The transition to parenthood is one of the most universal transitions, and most researchers and practitioners in the field of parenting and intimate relationships agrees that the transition to parenthood is reflected in the overall functioning of an individual who becomes a parent. The aim of this study was to determine if there are changes in subjective well-being of spouses during the transition to parenthood, and what the role of positive personality traits, satisfaction with marriage during the pregnancy, parenting satisfaction and parental competence in contribution to subjective well- -being of new parents is. The study included 40 couples (N = 80) that were examined at two time points during the second trimester of pregnancy, and approx. nine months postpartum. The following instruments were used: A questionnaire of general information, General life satisfaction scale, The scale of satisfaction with marriage, Stress scale, Scale of parental competence and Personality traits questionnaire. The results showed that the baby does not violate marriage satisfaction, but contributes to the increase in life satisfaction of spouses, which is discussed in the context of the psychological welfare of parenting, generativity and the revised hierarchy of human needs. Personality traits, especially extraversion and conscientiousness, contribute to life satisfaction during the transition to parenthood. Satisfaction with marriage during the pregnancy and parenting satisfaction, as an affective component of parenting experience, were the best predictors of satisfaction with marriage nine months postpartum.


transition to parenthood, life satisfaction, satisfaction with marriage, parental competence, personality traits

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