Work Stress and Marital Quality in Dual Earner Couples: A Test of Three Mediation Models

Josip Obradović, Mira Čudina-Obradović


This research was conducted on 340 full-time employed
marital couples representing a proportional quota sample of
inhabitants that live in Zagreb and its metropolitan area. The
aim was to test the effect of stress on marital quality when
mediated by three variables. Three models were created
using mediator variables: Perception of negative spillover
from work in the first model, Marital strain in the second
model and Depression in the third model. Structural equation
modeling (SEM) ML Robust was used to test the effect of
work stress. Results show that work stress decreases marital
quality via mediator variables in both marital partners.
Although all three models fit the data, the explanatory power
of the models was different. The model in which Marital
strain was the mediator variable turned out to be the best in
terms of explanatory power, explaining 26% of wives' and
17% of husbands' variance of the variable Marital quality.
The obtained results are discussed and suggestions for
further research of the topic are suggested.


work stress; negative spillover; marital stress; depression; marital quality

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